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Mike Del Preto

Senior Mortgage Advisor (NMLS #230942)

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Mike Del Preto
 Senior Mortgage Advisor

Senior Mortgage Advisor

Mike believes education empowers home buyers and will result in a more comfortable and enjoyable home buying experience. Starting in 2005 Mike has always treated his clients like he’d like to be treated and provided exceptional service with low rates regardless of how many clients he has helped. To talk with Mike Del Preto, dial (312) 488-0552.

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Mike is a Mortgage Advisor
helping people buy homes since 2005.

With his unique approach, Mike is a distinguished Mortgage Consultant ranking in the top 1% of Mortgage Originators in the country. Mike has closed hundreds of millions of dollars in loans and still treats every client as if they were his first.

By providing information specific to each client’s situation, he ensures they are making informed decisions for the biggest investment of their lives.

There is no situation too small or large; Mike simply wants to help. Call (312) 488-0552 if you’re interested in working with Mike Del Preto today.

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Happy Clients

Happy Clients
Mike and his team were superb in all aspects of providing information, following up to complete the next steps in the process, and overall friendliness to comfort you through your purchase.
Leo E.
The entire process was easy and fluid. I feel like all parties were on the same page. Easy access to things
Kristen W.
Mike and his team made the home lending process simple and smooth!
Andrew R.
Mike and his team were very informative, patient and took their time to explain every last detail to me. As a first time home buyer, they made me feel comfortable with the entire process start to finish.
Carly S.
Mike and his team were incredibly communicative throughout the entire process, from initial rates and approval through to close. I never once felt like we had to drive the process.
Jennifer P.

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